Urinary tract infection during pregnancy

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What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is considered a special period in the life of every mother As a result of the hormonal changes you are going through during this period, as a result of increased secretion of certain hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which lead to several changes in a woman’s body, And her mental state as well.

What are the symptoms a mother can experience during pregnancy?

It is mood swings as a psychological condition, And so some blood drops come down in physical cases, These drops are evident when the mother scans the vagina, These drops are produced by the fusion of the fertilized egg from the fallopian tube towards the uterus, to stick to his wall, In what is scientifically called the engrass process, Perhaps the most prominent signs of pregnancy are the interruption of the menstrual cycle, and especially nausea in the early morning and vomiting, feeling sleepy and the need to sleep continuously, As well as the feeling of the mother urgent need to urinate frequently.

How can pregnancy health be detected?

These and other changes, Does not inevitably mean a pregnancy, Where some women are exposed to a psychological condition that makes them think of pregnancy as a result of some or all of these symptoms To cut the uncertainty, mothers will check for pregnancy.

One of three methods used to detect pregnancy health is:

  1. Home inspection is easy to use, effective and cheap.
  2. A blood test at the doctor and results very accurately as a result of his examination of the proportion of the pregnancy hormone in the blood, Which the body secretes in the event of a pregnancy only.
  3. The third method is expensive and delays the detection of the presence of a fetus because it is not clearly formed to appear in the imaging, which is the method of examination by sonar.

After the mother goes through the stages of feeding and the stages of following a sports and healthy system to maintain the health of her fetus, The worst thing she can face in this case is telling her that the child will be born deformed, Despite the different abnormalities of the fetus in terms of gender and severity, And how it affects his life.

What is urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common health problems, which is particularly dangerous in pregnancy, In this article we will talk about this important topic.

It is known as urinary tract infection (UTI) which has another name is bladder infection, as a bacterial infection of the urinary tract, These bacteria enter the urinary system through urethra and then move to the bladder to cause inflammation of the lower urinary tract – the most common condition – .

It can be transmitted to the kidneys or ureters to cause upper urinary tract infection – the most serious condition – .

Pregnant women are particularly at risk of contracting the disease, The chance of contracting this infection increases during the sixth week to the 24th week of pregnancy.

The risk of this condition increases in pregnant women as a result of the bladder falling below the uterus, which increases in size during pregnancy, Thus it causes pressure on the bladder, This may result in its size and weight to prevent the discharge of urine from the bladder and therefore the injury to the disease.

What are his reasons?

  • Intercourse can lead to this disease.
  • Wait a long time before urinating.
  • Bacteria move from the rectum to the vagina, As a result of the lack of interest in personal hygiene.
  • Inability to discharge the bladder completely.
  • The proliferation of bacteria in the urinary bladder.
  • Obesity can lead to this disease.
  • Recurrence of exposure to urinary tract infection.
  • Diabetes.

How can it be prevented?

  • The scan must be done from front to back, So that the stool and germs do not move into the urethra.
  • It is preferable for the mother to drink large and sufficient amounts of water, To help clean the urethra and wash it from the trace of bacteria and get it out.
  • The mother must not hold the urine, She should urinate directly when she feels the need.
  • Urinating after sex, Helps the mother get rid of the bacteria.
  • Refrain from using soap or vaginal shower, or disinfectant creams, Or powder and scented spray for the genital area.

How can it be diagnosed, And what happens if you don’t treat the pregnant woman?

When the competent doctor – urologist – suspects the presence of a case of urinary tract infection during pregnancy, He will ask the mother to give a urine sample to be examined if there is pus in it, Or red blood cells or bacteria.

Since normal urine cannot have red blood cells, bacteria or pus, And to avoid contamination of the sample, The doctor may ask to clean the genital area with disinfectants before all the sample starts, From the middle of the urine stream.

The mother’s lack of interest in the diagnosis or treatment of this disease may lead to several serious matters, Like kidney infections, or abnormalities in the fetus, or premature birth, Or abortion.


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