Travel during pregnancy

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What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a process that begins since one of the millions of sperms that a man ejaculates in the womb of the mother fertilize the egg provided by the mother, then produces a fertilized egg inside the fallopian tube, to then complete its path towards the uterus, to attach to the uterine wall, in a process called implantation.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy ?

Which results in the descent of some blood drops when scanning the vagina, as these drops are one of the most important signs of pregnancy, in addition to one of the most important signs, which is the interruption of the menstrual cycle, and these symptoms and signs are accompanied by other sub-signs, such as feeling the need to urinate continuously, and this is accompanied The appearance of a strong pungent smell of urine, in addition to the mother’s need sometimes to vomit, especially in the early morning periods, with a feeling of flatulence.

What are the causes of these symptoms?

This is all due to the increase in hormones that are produced only during pregnancy, especially the progesterone and estrogen hormones, whose responsibility is to prepare the mother’s body to receive the new guest, in addition to helping them in developing the fetus in a healthy way, so that it provides him with the appropriate growth conditions that prevent any congenital malformations occurring to him. 

What are the tests used to confirm pregnancy?

And when these symptoms and signs begin to appear, the mother begins to feel pregnant, so she resorted to performing one of the three famous pregnancy tests to detect her pregnancy, and these tests are a home pregnancy test which is inexpensive and available in abundance and easy to use, and a blood test is carried out in the laboratory with accurate and guaranteed results, and an examination The sonar delays the detection of pregnancy due to the apparent failure of the fetus to appear in the test.

By conducting this pregnancy, the mother makes sure that what is happening with her is a real pregnancy or what is scientifically called false pregnancy, which is a psychological condition that closely resembles the symptoms of a real pregnancy.

Pregnancy confirmed, what’s next?

And after the mother makes sure of the presence of pregnancy, she takes measures, including improving the athletic, healthy, and dietary system in particular because of the necessity and impact on the health of the mother and the fetus.

As a healthy diet protects the mother from the complications of pregnancy, including anemia and osteoporosis, and therefore the mother recommends eating a certain limit of some vitamins, nutritional supplements and elements, to help her complete the pregnancy period with health and strength, and these vitamins in particular and the diet in general, help the fetus in Its growth and development is complete, and its protection against birth defects is prevented.

It should also be noted that, during each of the three pregnancy periods, the mother needs a type of food and a quantity of vitamins and nutritional supplements that differ from other periods, as a result of her various conditions.

Traveling, does it affect pregnant women?

It is the mother’s keenness to herself during pregnancy, especially those who need to travel, some mothers may think that travel has an impact on pregnancy and the fetus, but the reality is that a pregnant woman can travel as there are no health complications for her travel, especially in the case of a normal pregnancy and her recovery from any problems Healthy.

The mother who wants to travel is advised to choose the appropriate period for her travel, which is preferable to be in the second half of pregnancy, that is, the period of the third month to the beginning of the first week in the ninth month, with the need to consult a doctor before traveling, even though travel has no health effect on The body except that the mother who is pregnant for the first time, but there are several things that must be taken into account before the travel of the pregnant woman, which are the repeated occurrence of vomiting and nausea, the possibility of labor during travel, and feeling tired when traveling, especially in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy, and the possibility of complications during Traveling like high blood pressure.

Dr. Yan Beto Zedentopf, a gynecologist, also expressed his opinion that the best time to travel during pregnancy is in the second trimester of pregnancy, as the body is not heavily burdened by pregnancy, and symptoms of nausea and vomiting have all but vanished.

The doctor pointed out the necessity of the mother’s attention that some airlines prevent pregnant women from traveling on board according to the laws and laws that follow them, while shipping companies are more stringent as they prevent all pregnant women after 26 weeks of pregnancy from traveling, where most of the shipping companies prevent pregnant women from traveling.

The doctor added that the best way to travel can be followed by a pregnant mother, which is traveling by train or car, as it is relatively better than other means of travel where there are short pauses, due to the pain that the mother may suffer from veins troubles.

Things you should pay attention to when pregnant 


Anonymous pregnant woman wear safety belt in the car
Side view of pregnant woman wear safety belt in the car

The vaccinations that travelers must receive are also problematic for the expectant mother, as a result of preventing a large part of vaccinations and vaccinations from them, such as preventing them from vaccinating against yellow fever, but it is possible to take a vaccine against hepatitis, and it must be noted here that the mother must pay attention to Travel to areas affected by malaria as this infection may cause harm to her and her fetus.

It is necessary during the travel of the pregnant woman to pay attention to the continuation of a healthy diet that includes cooking well and washing the fruits and peeling them, drinking from mineral water and avoiding drinking from tap water.

The pregnant woman must also avoid dangerous tourism activities such as diving and walking on rugged mountainous areas or high areas, with the need for the mother to stay away from the sauna baths, especially if she suffers from problems in the blood circulation.

It is possible, in the case of traveling on a long flight, that the mother consult her own doctor about the possibility of taking an injection that helps her sleep throughout the journey to get rid of the travel troubles, without this injection leading to blood clotting.

She advises pregnant women during travel to walk, wear loose-fitting shoes and clothes, eat juices and liquids abundantly while eating several small meals, and sit in a comfortable position. Preferably, take all medical tests with you when traveling.

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