How to prepare our children to receive the new baby?

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Adding a new person to the family is one of the major changes that arouse enthusiasm for every member of the family, in which parents must gradually prepare their older children for the presence of a new family member who will join them after a period.

The presence of the first child in the home differs from that of the second child. The first time, you will be busy learning how to care for the baby. The second time, you ask about your child’s older reaction to his new brother and how to meet each other’s needs

In this article, we will address in a few simple steps the most important questions that guide parents regarding preparing brothers to receive a new baby.   

How can I prepare my child to receive a new baby? 

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   Start talking to your older child about the arrival of his new brother or sister. Explain in terms appropriate to his age how the child grows and ask him or her to help prepare the infant’s room. He enrolled in the hospital as a sibling class designed to teach children and parents what it means to be a new brother. Here are some important steps to correct this

1- Explain to your older child that the infant will eat, sleep and cry most of the time. The infant will not be a playmate immediately

   2- If the child will need to change his room or move from his cradle to make room for the new baby, do so before the child is born. This will allow your older child to get used to the new arrangement before dealing with the arrival of the child. 3- Try to complete the training of your older child to use the bathroom before the birth of the infant, or wait for several months after the child is brought home to start this

How do things change as the birth date approaches in the same child or older brother? 

  Your baby may become anxious a month or so before birth. As your body grows older and becomes less active and more focused on childbirth, it becomes more attached to you, and new concerns arise that it may even diminish slightly. This is normal. Much love and hugging will restore his confidence and prepare to be the big brother. Here are some simple steps that will prepare the child well: 

  1. I spend a lot of rest and relaxation with him in these last weeks, 

  2. And try to keep it your focus when you are together. It is the right time to enjoy your special relationship that you share before things change.

  3.  Remember that he cares more about his relationship with you than his relationship with the new baby

How to present the big brother to his brother or sister? 

There are many important steps or advice that will contribute to preparing the older child to receive his brother or sister, so when the new baby comes:

1- Ask a family member or friend to bring your child to the hospital or birth center for a quick visit.

2- Have someone close to you carry the baby for a while so that both parents can give affection to the big child and embrace him several times

3- Consider giving a gift to your older child from the new baby, such as a T-shirt written on it by the big brother or older sister.

4- When you return home, take your big child to a special place like his favorite playground to celebrate the arrival of the new baby

What can I do to try to persuade the older child to receive a new brother or sister?

The older child’s age and development affects his reaction to a new brother. Older children are usually eager to meet a new brother, while young children may feel overwhelmed or upset. The following tips can be followed – which pertain to both children who are over or under the age of two – to help your child cope, as for:

Children younger than two years: 

    It is expected that the young child will not understand the meaning of having a brother. Talk to your child about the new change in the family. Look with him in picture books on children and families

Children between the ages of two and four years: –

   Children at this age are related to their parents, and they may be jealous about sharing your interest in a new baby. Explain to your child that the newborn will need a lot of attention and encourage your child to be part of the event by taking him to shopping to buy the newborn’s needs. Read to your child about newborns, brothers and sisters. Give your child a doll to grow with a tender instinct as well. See your baby with his pictures at birth and tell him the story of his birth.

Children of school age: –

Older children may be jealous of the great interest a newborn receives. Tell your child what the new baby needs. Draw your child’s attention to the benefits he will get by being older, such as going to bed late. Display your child’s artwork in the newborn’s room or ask your child for assistance in caring for the newborn

Regardless of your child’s age, be sure to give the child special attention when the new baby arrives. If you took photos or videos, be sure to show them there. He also took pictures of him on his own. Make sure to have small gifts in your hand to give your child if friends give gifts to the new baby

What should he do if the older brother acts with actions that will draw attention? 

   Your older child may try to attract attention by breaking the rules because the parents show a lot and a lot of extra attention to the younger child. To stop this behavior, you can follow these steps: 

1- Praise your old child when he or she behaves well.

2- If you suspect that your child is acting badly to gain attention, consider ignoring the behavior. This may encourage your child to find a more positive way to get your attention. 

3- Talk to your big child. Ask him or ask her how he feels about getting a new brother. Listen .

How can you encourage the child to be friendly with the new baby?

   Sometimes the older children, motivated by the changes around them, vent their frustration at the newborn, which may push the older child to try to harm the young child. If your older child is trying to harm the newborn, the mother must do the following: 

1- It is time to talk about proper behavior. 

2- Show more attention to your older child as well 

3- Involve him in activities that include the newborn, such as singing, bathing, or changing diapers.

4- Praise your older child when he acts in love with the newborn

   5- Even if your child seems to cope with what is going on, supervision is necessary. Don’t leave your newborn alone in the company of a sibling or close person under the age of 12 .

How to explain the exposure of a young child to illness in relation to the old child?

   If the newborn has health problems, explain to your older child the illness of his brother and your feelings of anxiety. If your baby needs to stay in the hospital after giving birth, ask about the policy of visiting children. You can also take pictures of the new baby and show them to your big baby .

How does the presence of twins affect children? 

   If you have twins, the time requirements are greater for parents. The twins attract the attention of family, friends and even strangers. The older brother may feel neglected or jealous.

Your older child will need a special time with you. You can also consider ways to give your child “double rewards” to help him care for children .

With problems, how do you deal with the child?

Research shows that a child’s age stage plays a role in how they adapt to their new siblings. Children who are two years old or younger have a greater difficulty accepting new brothers because they still have strong maternity and parenting needs and spend time getting closer to them. The tension in the family also makes it more difficult for children to adapt to new brothers

It must be remembered that even the most adaptive siblings and the best of their intention towards the new baby may play with their brother very roughly or they may hug their brother harshly at first, so they should be taught how to play and deal gently with the new siblings 

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