Exercises after natural delivery and caesarean section

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Pregnancy Overview

The pregnancy period is one of the strangest and most important stages that every mother goes through As a result of the psychological or physical changes that affect the mother, Since one of the millions of sperm that a man ejaculates has successfully fertilized the egg, there is a fertilized egg inside the fallopian tube, To complete this fertilized egg its way towards the mother’s womb, To stick to the uterine wall in a process scientifically known as the engrass process.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy?

Then the symptoms and signs of pregnancy begin to manifest, Where these symptoms usually begin after the mother notices the interruption of the menstrual cycle, And the coming down of some blood drops when doing a vaginal scan as a result of the implantation process, The rest of the symptoms then begin to appear.

Where the mother may feel the constant desire to sleep, And you feel a frequent need to urinate with the appearance of a strong smell of urine, The mother may feel the openness of appetite sometimes to foods that the mother did not like in advance, Quite the contrary, you may feel a lack of appetite for foods that were her favorite, The mother also feels breast swelling and weight, With a bulge in the lower abdomen.

All these symptoms and signs are reinforced by hormonal changes in the body of the pregnant mother, where the secretion of estrogen and progesterone is increasing, which help the mother to overcome this difficult phase easily, And they help keep the baby healthy and safe, And try to spare him any congenital malformations.

Does the appearance of these symptoms mean a pregnancy?

But it must be noted that all these and other symptoms — or some of them — may occur but without a pregnancy, In what is scientifically known as false pregnancy.

How can a mother be sure that her pregnancy is correct?

Therefore, women resort to a pregnancy test to confirm the validity of their pregnancy, Where a pregnancy test can be performed at home and at a low cost for the method of screening the rate of hCG in the urine, Or it can be done laboratory by the way the same hormone is examined in the blood, Or a sonar test can be performed, but this can delay the detection of the fetus as a result of not being clearly created yet.

What are the stages of pregnancy?

The period of pregnancy is divided into three stages:

  1. The period of the beginning of pregnancy is from the first week to the fourteenth.
  2. The second stage is the development phase of fetal development, which is from the 14th week to the 24th week.
  3. The last stage is the stage of waiting for birth.

Birth stage

The birth process is either normal, Or in the form of a caesarean section, Where the mother’s uterus is slit and the baby is removed in case of not being able to give birth, such as wrapping the umbilical cord around the fetus, Or the size of the baby’s head, Or in the case of a particular disease doctors do not want to move to the baby, This operation is performed either by local anesthesia or by total anesthesia Caesarean section can cause several problems for the mother, such as some diseases resulting from the non-sterilization of surgical instruments.

During pregnancy, the mother needs a healthy diet that provides the mother and her unborn child with the required vitamins and nutrients, In addition to the need for the mother to eat some nutritional supplements because of the necessity and help her in the healthy development of the fetus, and the formation of the fetus in such a way as to prevent him from developing any birth defects, In addition to helping the mother in the process of pregnancy and preventing her from any diseases she may experience, such as osteoporosis in case of calcium deficiency.

The mother also needs to follow a sports regime, especially after birth, as a result of her weight gain, But the mother must be warned rushing back to exercise, She should also avoid strenuous exercise and also avoid running and riding a bike and to warn of fever and dizziness, She advises choosing the right time and place to exercise, It should be noted that strong sports after birth can affect breast milk.

Exercise after natural and caesarean delivery

The mother is advised to start walking as a sport, She advises the mother who gave a Caesarean section to wait 6 weeks before starting exercise and not to overload the body with unbearable movements, It is preferable to stand upright and walk at home to help the tissues surrounding the wound heal and can exercise some simple exercises such as boat exercise and slow walking in the house, After six weeks, the mother can follow a medically supervised sports regime.

A naturally born mother can exercise some exercises such as swimming and walking, And exercises to tighten the sides of the abdomen, tighten the lower area of the abdomen and tighten the inner muscles of the thighs.

As a result of this period, the mother’s weight increases by up to 11 kilograms, According to the American Society of Gynecologists, the mother can gradually resume exercising within days of birth if the birth is normal and the mother is used to exercising before and during pregnancy, Where the mother can start walking for 30 minutes three times a week and increase weekly when the mother recovers, In addition to stretching and pushing exercises.

The same magazine says that in the case of caesarean section, the mother is recommended to wait six to eight weeks after the birth and stimulates the healing of the wound and reduces blood clots caused by obstetric complications, By walking simple steps.

It should be noted that all these exercises should be very careful and under the supervision of the competent doctor as a result of the loosening of ligaments and muscles for three to five months from birth and because of cracks in the abdominal muscles resulting from pregnancy, which require a period of four to eight weeks.

It is also recommended that you inform your doctors if there is any vaginal bleeding as a result of exercise or even pain.

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